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As part of my Health Coaching & Fitness Training I incorporate the use of a mini-trampoline, also called a rebounder, as a fun & effective tool for increasing & improving overall health, wellness, & vitality.  I am a certified bellicon® trainer & instruct a series of fitness classes I call JumpFIT.


Why Rebounding?

Here are Just a Few of the Amazing Benefits to Jumping on a Mini-Trampoline!

  • Boosts lymphatic drainage and immune function

  • Great for skeletal system and increasing bone mass

  • Helps improve digestion

  • More than twice as effective as running without the extra stress on the ankles and knees

  • Increases endurance on a cellular level by stimulating mitochondrial production (these are responsible for cell energy)

  • Improves cellular strength & flexibility & improves your immunity

  • Helps improve balance by stimulating the vestibule in the middle ear

  • Helps improve the effects of other exercise- one study found that those who rebounded for 30 seconds between weight lifting sets saw 25% more improvement after 12 weeks than those who did not.

  • Rebounding helps circulate oxygen throughout the body to increase energy.

  • Rebounding is a whole-body exercise that improves muscle tone throughout the body.

  • Some sources claim that the unique motion of rebounding can also help support the thyroid and adrenals.

  • Rebounding is fun!


Contact me today & let’s talk about how I can you help you achieve your goals!

Rebounding: About

“The classed were Fun!  Best exercise class I’ve ever been to!”


“I developed stronger knees, more energy after each class, & better frame of mind”


Ready to talk?

Whether your goal is to lose weight, increase energy, improve sleep, mental clarity & focus, or just get healthy, I can help you take small, sustainable steps to help you reach your personal goals.  You can live a healthy, happy vibrant life!

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