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What Vibrant Life clients are saying about Mary's Health Coaching

Earlier this week, I had a blog on my health coaching. What health coaching is and what sets me apart from my competition.

Here come the testimonials from my health coaching clients!

"Thank you Mary. I have you to thank and the loving way you hit me with the facts of my health and the danger I was putting myself in by continuing my behaviors and making the excuses. You were honest, factual, loving and gave solutions- actions for me to take. I wish medical providers would speak to their patients in this manner. In the early 2000's when I first was having so much wt gain and was seeing my Dr. for my hormones and thyroid, he never once addressed my weight gain. Then one day I was practically screaming at him about it and how he avoided addressing it. It was rather funny the look on his face. He sat down in a chair rather bum fuddled. Shortly after that I changed providers."

"Mary was able to help me change my thought patterns"

"I become more self-aware and developed more self-love"

"I love myself more"

"My faith has deepened"

"I am taking better care of myself"

"My life is more balanced-more joyful"

"The most significant tangible change I have noticed is I often think WHY I am eating and WHY i am choosing to eat what I am. I am eating more healthy and am more active than when I started"

"Mary is loving, caring, very knowledgeable"

"Mary has given me a new or alternate way of looking at situations (that otherwise made me feel less of a person) in a way that I had never thought and I am now enjoying situations I used to not enjoy."

"The biggest tangible change I have noticed since beginning the program has been being conscious toward over-eating and emotional eating, two of my biggest hurdles."

"The most significant overall change I have noticed has been in how I feel so much better! i.e. gut-wise, energy-wise, health-wise, concentration-wise & emotion wise."

"Mary is supportive, inspirational, and nurturing. She spend a great deal of time in finding resources that have helped me in my journey, and I appreciate that."

"I would recommend Mary to anyone who is looking to implement a change in their life"

"I am so appreciative for your help in implementing rebounding into my daily life. The benefits I derive from rebounding are so substantial to my physical and emotional health! I cannot thank you enough for that!"

Mary I just wanted to share with you how my life is going as I think you deserve a lot of credit along with God and the Holy Spirit. I feel healthier today than I have for a very long time. The first of May I knew I was ready to make a choice in finding a weight loss program and staying with it. I found a program I enjoy and in many ways it reminds me of things I learned from you. I have faithfully stuck to the program even though the weight loss has not been as rapid as I hoped. In fact it’s more like a snail pace but I am making good food decisions and am walking, moving more and have resistance bands for weight work. I also feel a lightness of spirit and my marriage is happier. Thank you again for helping me to find the root cause of why I was unable to lose weight and once again to love myself and to better love those around me. Never doubt that what you do does matter.

“This woman is passionate about helping women love their bodies and living their best life! I highly recommend her services!”

“Mary is very committed to this. This is her dream and her heart, and I believe she will do very well at it!”

“Mary is a great teacher & motivator”

“I experienced Increased energy, balance, strength, coordination & toning all my body”

“I experienced improved energy levels, coordination, weight loss, and improved mood”

“I experienced weight loss & toned up”

“Improved balance, digestion, & mood” “I enjoyed Mary’s knowledge and her casual atmosphere”

“I lost 5lbs & got better leg tone”

“Improved mood, energy, & stamina”

“Loved being introduced to new foods & Infused Waters”

“Lots of Healthful information”

“I developed stronger knees, more energy after each class, & better frame of mind”

“Had fun, increased energy & improved mood”

“Improved mood, energy, leg strength”

“Working with Mary was Awesome”

“Mary made things fun & motivated me to get out of the house”

“Mary is a great instructor!”

“I experienced improved coordination, more energy, & digestion”

“I experienced more flexibility, improved balance, coordination & digestion”

“Mary is very encouraging and up-beat”

“I experienced improved balance, weight loss, & improved mood”

“The classes were Fun! Best exercise class I’ve ever been to!”

“Increased energy, core strength, & great mood”

“I experienced more energy, weight loss, and more strength!”

“Mary is just amazing! She has great ideas, healthy snacks, and great health advice!”

"Mary you are an amazing person and so inspiring. You give each and every one of your clients 110%. You have shown me that I DO matter, lifted me up in prayer when I needed it the most and have shown me the light and the end of the tunnel. I never would have made it this far with all the difficulties that seemed to arise without your help. There have been times that I wanted to give up, but after I talked to you I was reenergized and ready to tackle the next challenge. You have also shown me that this isn’t about just food. It is about way more than that. You taught me how to release some of the negativity in my life and shown me that taking care of myself first make it so much easier to take care of everyone else. So I could list quite a few things that have helped me, but the most important is YOU!! You have a love and passion for helping people become the best they can be. Your love and support helped carry me through the hard times and I can’t thank you enough. I miss you though!!"

I would love to be your health coach too!!!! Let me know if I can help you!

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