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What is Vibrant LIFE, LLC?

Updated: Mar 19

Vibrant LIFE is a Professional Health Coaching Service for Men & Women provided by Mary Mitchell—

It is a service created to help men and women live their most healthy, happy, VIBRANT lives!

  • I provide support around improved dietary and lifestyle changes, improved mood, increased energy, better sleep, improved digestion, weight loss, stubborn belly fat, hormonal weight gain, improved sense of well-being, general health & wellness goals, and more.

  • I am a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach with specialized training from the National Academy of Sports Medicine in Fitness and Nutrition, Women’s Fitness and Nutrition, and in helping women achieve hormonal balance. Also able to address Emotional Eating.

  • I am also a TLS® weight loss coach which means I am partnered with some of the leading health coaches in the world, have access to the best medical-grade products & supplements on the market, & can effectively help you lose weight.

  • I offer Health Coaching programs, Weight loss programs, Workshops, Cooking activities, Recipes, Food samples, Supermarket tours, etc. that are all client-based, results-driven, and based on your unique wants, needs, and goals; all designed to help you overcome your obstacles to health, wellness, & weight loss.

  • I am a Certified bellicon® Rebounding Trainer & offer 30-min rebounding training sessions that provide a very low-impact, very effective, total body, cardio, and toning workout that is designed to improve your mood, increase your energy, help you lose weight, and tone up. Plus, it’s a lot of fun! I also offer group classes from time-to-time, so if you’re interested in knowing more, please leave me some contact information.

  • I also offer Hand & Foot Reflexology sessions that can be specifically targeted to your areas of concern.

My hope is that you will always leave feeling valued, nourished, pampered, and will always leave with a FREE gift and a sense of improved health and well-being! Vibrant Life, LLC is located in Colby, Kansas.

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**My services, programs, and products are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any illness or disease.  I am not a doctor, licensed dietitian or licensed nutritionist, please consult with your physician before scheduling any service, program, or trying any products.**

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