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Most people view diet, lifestyle, health, and wellness through the narrow lens of what foods you eat, how much exercise you do or what "diet plan" you are on now.

I want to encourage you to consider that maybe true weight loss, true health & wellness begins in the heart...the kind that is sustainable and maintainable...I've come to believe that it doesn't start with diet and exercise and it doesn't start in the starts in the heart, with you first loving yourself.

When you view diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes as one of the greatest sources of self-love and self-nourishment, it is absolutely a game-changer. When you look at each day, each meal, each one choice and ask yourself, how can I authentically love myself in this meal, how can I authentically nourish myself in this choice, it changes everything.

Now, are the foods you eat, the exercise you do, and the life you live important? YES! These things are absolutely vital to weight loss, health, and wellness. However, the game-changer is when you make these choices for yourself through the lens of self-love, self-care, and self-nourishment.

My health coaching challenge to you from Vibrant Life today is to ask yourself and find ways in each "ONE CHOICE" decision, “how can I authentically love and nourish myself in the moment?“ The most powerful relationship you will ever have is the relationship with yourself.


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